n e v e r o n c e

'never once did we ever walk alone,
 never once did You leave us on our own,
You are faithful, God, You are faithful.

every step we are breathing in Your grace,
evermore we'll be breathing out Your praise.
You are faithful.'

yesterday our church had it's Thanksgiving service and it always touches parts of me that need it so. stories of God's faithfulness in this broken world bring me back to where i need to be in this season.

this is what i'm most thankful for, His faithfulness in my life. by no means has this past year sailed by on smooth waters. we've hit our own storms and dredged through rocky cliff lines looking for a safe harbor. but every time, God's faithfulness was the light shining bright from the shore, guiding us to his safe harbor.

and we have learned again this year just how much we need Him. and always will. i'm thankful for the scars that the hard times leave. they remind me always that though the world intended them for evil and to steal any joy from our lives, God rescued us and our joy is complete in Him.

evermore, we'll be breathing out His praise.

(photos are mine, except for the maternity shot - taken on our maternity shoot with my talented sister)

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