31 weeks

when i think that Gemma was born at 37 weeks and that this means i would have only 6 more weeks of being pregnant if Scarlett came at the same time...my heart starts beating a little faster. we are so ready and not ready at all. isn't it funny the things you feel need to be ready for a baby to born? like the all important fridge deep cleaning? newborns are totally worried about this. i am starting to feel the need to bring down the newborn clothes and get them washed. december babies born in the cold PA winters do appreciate being warm in cozy sleepers. so i'm going to be  working thru the actual needs vs. the hormonal crazies these last 6-9 weeks. pray for me and my patient family please? 

xo, Emily


  1. Emily, i just opened life made lovely and there before my eyes was your absolutley lovely home. Amazing. Love love love. You have totally inspired me to do a gallery wall up my staircase. I have been meaning to get around to it..... Yours looks wonderful. And you are just the.

    Seeing you makes me miss being pregnant... Enjoy this last little bit before your newest baby arrives.


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