project 365 - snippets of home - 47-52

my little ones have cabin fever. i find them staring out the window, with sad eyes, wondering why they can't go play. and unfortunately, this winter has not allowed for many days to play outside.  it's either freezing rain, which turns our yard into a mud pit, or 45 mph winds that take your breath away. we only had one real snowfall and that was back in december. poor babes. this week the yard stayed pretty dry and we bundled up for a bit of well-needed and well-deserved outside playtime. all of my shots this week were taken in our yard on one of those days.

day 47: cold toes trying to stay warm in my favorite boots

day 48: found this old planter in a corner of the yard after we bought the house last fall. obviously, we haven't touched the yard. i'm so excited to start when spring arrives.

day 49: we have ivy for days.

day 50: pretending to ice fish. it's that cold.

day 51: showing me his fish.

day 51: i love how he is teaching her to pretend.

day 52: freezing, but happy.

have a wonderful weekend friends!

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