project 365 - snippets of home - 40-46

this week was one of the good ones. daddy's birthday, emerson's birthday, lots of exciting home improvements, and party prep for our 4 year old. the big super hero shabang is tomorrow. our capes are ready to fly.

day 40: the morning my boy turned 4.

day 41: 4 cupcakes for the 4 year old.

day 42: we love pop-tarts here.

day 43: this girl has entered a new territory this week. it's called "naughty-ville". wowza. but we love her all the same.

day 44: this man worked and worked on this project.

day 45: amazing work huh? we are in love!

day 46: oh and he also built this for me. i love my handyman.

now i'm off to clean, bake, and decorate for the big party day tomorrow. see you monday friends!


  1. Happy birthday to your sweet boy:))) and the tile looks amazing:)))) hope you have a great weekend!!

  2. Oh how I miss working on DIY projects around the house! {We are in a rental currently.} Absolutely great work on the tile and coffee table...you should be very proud of your handy selves. :) And Happy Birthday to your sweet boy! We love 4 around here.

  3. that is SUCH a sweet picture of you and Emerson with the cupcakes! Love all of your handy projects going on at the house. It is serious dedication and talent y'all have! I'd want to hire someone LOL


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