project 365 - snippets of home 26-32

i am full of giddy excitement. today we are going to discover the dinosaurs. it's a huge exhibit with life-size, interactive dinos. we are taking emerson for his birthday surprise. i just can't wait to see his sweet face when he sees the first dinosaur. i get weepy just thinking about it. the boy lives and breathes dinos. you can expect a big post about our day next week. have a wonderful, family-filled weekend!

day 26: i like a wise, distinguished owl.

day 27: the view from under a boys bed - roller skates, trains, cars, and dust.

day 28: a new plant for our dining room. it's a tiny guy.

day 29: she's finally using crayons as a drawing tool, not a chew toy.

day 30: another little guy from my collection

day 31: these are in every room of the house.

day 32: playing hard.


  1. i love that you have house plants. i can grow a mean garden, but when it comes to keeping a house plant alive i fail. GO GIRL!

  2. I think my favorite picture is the barrettes! And of course, your kids are adorable!


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