setting goals

i've never been a 'resolution' kind of person, instead, i set some goals each year. 
nothing crazy, just realistic goals for a wife and mom.  so, here are my top 5, in no particular order. 

1. date my husband a lot more
2. keep our desk and paperwork organized
3. read more books, watch less TV
4. go to bed earlier, wake up earlier (my kids sleep til 9)
5. dive into scripture deeper than i've ever attempted and grow

as i made this list, i realized that i could keep going and going, but that's a good thing, right?
every year, challenging myself to be the best wife and mother i can be and deciding to pick up the slack of where i was a tad deficient last year. and giving myself a little grace along the way. 

(ps. i'm pretty excited about #1.)


  1. I didn't read past your kids sleeping until 9. Mine have never gone past 7...a tad jealous right now.

  2. #1 is my favorite. i need more of that too!


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