Project 365 - snippets of home

on september 28, 2012, one of our biggest dreams came true. we moved into our "forever home".  it was the hardest selling/buying story you might ever hear, but i choose to focus on the outcome -  that we are in our home and God was with us every step of the way. we were able to double the size of home with the same monthly payment. yes, God provided.
(this was the day we moved in - the one in a diaper and rain boots is my sweet nephew, Jack. i love that child)

we are now knee deep in remodeling, updating, and decorating our new home.  i wanted a way to document and remember this journey. i decided to start a Project 365 with glimpses of our home and home life. I am calling my series, "snippets of home" and i will post my series on fridays. i will do my best to follow thru with this all year, as i still am in disbelief that we are actually here.

project 365 - where we dwell

day 1: i'm a plant person and you will probably see this as a theme throughout.
day 2: speaking of themes, i love and collect elephants and could probably fill up a project 365 with just elephants. 
day 3: the morning sun is perfect in this little corner of the kitchen.
day 4: because we all need a little reminding sometimes.
have a wonderful weekend.


  1. Your home is beautiful. God is so good.
    I am so excited for you and your family emily.

  2. Your house is beyond dreamy. Congrats! May God bless your family as your life in your new home builds.

  3. I love the exterior, so much character! Looking forward to seeing more! :)

  4. Congratulations! How exciting :) Cant wait to see :)

  5. That home.
    It's beautiful and I'm so happy the Lord gave it to you. What a blessing.


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