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being in a new home is amazing. my mind is constantly swirling a list of to-do's and inspirations. i started making small project lists to complete before letting myself move onto another project. right now i am finishing gemma's room and i can't wait to show you how it turns out. but for today, i thought i would share my next 5 projects.

1. i love these plants. there is a special corner in our living room that i aching to hold one.
2. emerson's room is about 95% complete. it just needs a few details, like this one.
3. i love this door. although i don't know if we will actually use this inspiration on the door, maybe the entryway wall.
4. the main bathroom upstairs has existing white tile just like the one above. unfortunately the top is covered in some of the worst floral wallpaper i have ever encountered. once we get rid of the wallpaper, this is the color scheme i am loving right now.
5. i'm really excited about this one. last summer i scored some mid-century coffee table legs at a yard sale for $1.00. and i finally decided how i want to use them. we purchased the wood and plan on making our coffee table next week. can't wait.

and that's my list. i promise to do my best to stick to it!

(all photos and credits can be found on my home inspiration board.)

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  1. I love mother in law's tongue! I have been thinking it would be the perfect plant addition to or living room :)
    I also love that geo mobile!


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