it's black and white all over...

and it's trending around our house. i love color, but lately i am being drawn to a black and white palette. it's simplicity is calming. white on white has always been beautiful to me, adding the black brings about the right amount of contrast. with the help of black & white paint, black & white paper, and some lucky clearance finds - black and white is becoming a repeating theme throughout our home.
test(pattern found here)

i painted these $5 canvas bins and they are now in our foyer, holding our scarfs, gloves, and hats.

every instagram lover needs a place to display their favorite IG pictures. black spray paint, a cork for a stamp, and white paint transformed a corkboard into the perfect display.


a piece of driftwood was given new life with some pattern play.

as we were unpacking and organizing our garage, brandon found an old, blank canvas hiding in the corner.  inspiration hit me one night after seeing a similar painting on pinterest and i painted our 'hello' painting on the old canvas which now hangs in our foyer.


clearance curtains from lowes. $4. there was much rejoicing.

i'm so in love with this calendar. (design by natasha mileshina)

chalk wall
and the epicenter of all things black and white. our kitchen chalkboard wall.

what palette is trending in your life lately?


  1. I'm loving the black and white too! But our floors are a warm colored wood, so I don't think it'd work for us. We're repainting now..fresh papaya and butterfly..something :) I'm still trying to convince my husband to let me paint a chalkboard wall somewhere.....anywhere!!

  2. Love it! I'm really enjoying the simplicity of white lately.

  3. Those bins great Job. It's all so beautiful Emily.
    I'm really into black and red. It's a sickness really.


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