you two

emerson and gemma,
you exasperate and exhaust me.
my brain is oatmeal by the time bedtime rolls around.
the whining has reached epic proportions.
i miss sleeping until i wake up.
breaking up fights is getting old.
which means that these are the best days of my life...

for you also energize and encourage me.
my brain is tired from your precious questions that i love to answer.
while you both whine, it usually means you just need more "mommy" time. i love this.
i love waking up to see your sweet faces, i know i will miss this one day.
while you fight, you love even more. i saw you kiss each other while no one was looking tonight.

i love you both.


  1. So true friend. So True!

  2. aw, i love this <3
    i wish my little Jude was a kisser..

  3. so lovely friend...and true. :) you took the words right out of my mouth. i feel the exact same way most days. :)

  4. This was beautiful. Thank you!