Scarlett's Beautiful Water Birth

(2 months ago and mostly in pictures.)

our sweet scarlett glory arrived just as we envisioned - naturally and in the water.

my contractions started around 11am on 12/31/13. i didn't start timing them until 3pm and when i did they were about 2 minutes apart. we checked into the birth center around 6 pm, at which point i was 5 cm dilated. around 10:15 pm, my midwife checked me and i was still only around 5. this did not make me happy but what can you do? i walked and bounced on the birthing ball and within 15 minutes, the script was flipped. i was moaning and really working thru each contraction. the midwife heard the change in my voice and checked me again at 10:30-45pm. 8 cm! woo-hoo! i went straight into the tub. for those of you who have gone thru a natural birth, you know that transition is when your whole world disappears and you must go into the pain to get thru it. which is exactly what i did, it's so hard to describe and i so badly want to find the perfect words but i don't think you can explain unless you are in that moment. for the next 15 minutes, i lived only in each contraction, focusing on the knowledge that each one brought me so close to meeting my baby. a little after 11pm, i knew i had to push, my midwife didn't even check me - i knew because i was doing it! on my second push, i broke my water and two or three pushes more - our little scarlett was born.

11:20 pm on 12/31/13.  40 minutes later we heard fireworks and drank champagne. best new years eve party of my life. she is perfect and so worth every moment of my labor.

i owe my sister a huge debt of gratitude for not only being present and being the calm guiding voice at all three of my births, but for also capturing these beautiful images. i will treasure them forever. my mom, who was also present for all of my births, i couldn't imagine doing this without her. her constant prayer over me and my children was and will be cherished by me for eternity.

and to my husband, thank you for being my rock. thank you for supporting natural birth and all it means to me.  thank you for knowing when to make me laugh and when to just be quiet when i'm in labor. thank you for rubbing my hips to the point of your skin ripping open. thank you to my midwife, merry lee. you are basically my hero. gently guiding a child into the world with grace and wisdom - like i said, my hero.

and finally, thank you dear Lord for the honor of being a mother and for the joy of childbirth.

Scarlett Glory

born on 12/31/13 at 11:20pm in the water. 
7.1 lbs, 19.75 inches long. 
completely perfect. 

Praise God from whom all blessings flow. 

3 8 w e e k s

i am so grateful for 3 healthy pregnancies. yes, i'm exhausted, sore, and impatient for this pregnancy to be over, but i have nothing really to complain about. God has been so good to us and whatever day He has chosen for Scarlett to officially join our family is perfect. Until that day, i'm still here, still waddling, and trying to keep myself focused on how blessed i am.

have a wonderful Christmas friends!!

{p.s. i promise that one day this blog will be used more than once a month and for more than random belly pictures. thanks for still being here and caring! love you all!}