statement art 

sometimes, a wall needs lots of love and it deserves a well cultivated gallery.
but then there is that wall. the one that screams for one large, unique piece of art. 

but how do you pick the perfect piece?
look for the pieces that are you. 
do you love texture? - hang that beautiful serape on the wall! 
are you a lover of simple black and white?
most office supply stores can print you a large black and white engineer print for very little cost. 
are you a DIYer? re-purpose a large thrifted canvas into your own artwork. here is a great example on style me pretty.

these beautiful spaces below all feature a statement piece that is unique and perfect for it's space. 

have a wonderful friday loves.

hey friends...


9 months old!!

oh baby. you are too sweet for words. i love you scarlett glory. 

friday's find


fall is upon us. who else wants to spend a little more
time curled up under the covers, windows open, 
letting the cool, fall air tickle their noses?
this mama could use mornings like this. 

(pins found here, here, here & here

happy cuddling.