seven months. seriously. i don't even know how that happened. 
scarlett glory, you sweet babe, you. i love all of your 15 lbs more than you will ever know. 

crawling all over the place, you are my precious little shadow. you suck your thumb, sleep like a dream, and smile your beautiful smile at every person you meet. people are drawn to you. your eyes sparkle and we all melt. 

it is such a joy and an honor to be your mama.

love you, love you, love you, sweet scarlett glory. 

a pink penguin party

{ahem. this post is 2 months behind schedule.}

 in may, our gemma girl turned 3! i know, what?!
i love to let my kids pick their party theme and this year, gems was set on a pink penguin party.
 in may. yup. 
basically a lot of pink and some sweet little penguins mixed throughout. she was giddy and that's all that matters. 

(all gemma's favorites)

fish sticks
paula deen's mac & cheese
watermelon & strawberry fruit salad
blue jello with fish gummies
penguin cracker party mix
cupcakes and an igloo smash cake
pink punch - sprite, pink kool-aid, and raspberry sherbert

we love you big girl.

{photo credits - my sister, Rebekah - many thanks!!!}
it's crossed my mind, a time or two, that i do, in fact, have a blog, and that i really want to use it. and then life happens and i push it to the side. for when life needs prioritized, this little space is very close to the bottom. i would never get rid of this blog, it holds too many precious memories, ones that my busy and tired mind needs reminded. so i am sitting here, not sure who is reading but grateful for this space. since it's been such a long break, i guess the best thing to do is just show you what life is looking like for me and my loves.

my emerson is five and is fiercely embracing a new independence that comes with impending kindergarten in the fall. he adores his big brother to two sisters status. he is kind and gentle, funny and stubborn.

gemma is three and as wild as the wind. there is no way but her way and she blazes a trail of pink wherever she goes. she is my biggest challenge in parenting, yet melts my heart in ways i could never explain.

and for our newest addition, scarlett. she is 6 months old  now and dare i say, the sweetest baby i have ever known.  she just loves everything and everyone. i can count the days on one hand where she cried for more than 10 minutes. started sleeping thru the night at 5 weeks. and her first word, mama. melts my heart, i'm so in love.

as for brandon and i, we are loving this life. it's crazy. it's busy. it's exhausting. but it's so good. so beautiful. so worth it all.

hey, blog, thanks for being here.