pictures from our sweet autumn days

there are those days, in the middle of the icy months of winter, when i want to pack our bags and head to the warm, sunny state of Florida. but oh, I would miss the crisp air, the flaming orange leaves, and the clear, blue sky of a Pennsylvania fall. but most of all, i would miss watching my babies play against it's beautiful backdrop. 

a mommy app

i'd like to take a minute and confess that since becoming a mother of three very young children, i am a few spilled drinks and smeared boogers away from being a complete hot mess. my memory, bless it's soul, has all but evaporated. if i don't write it down, heaven help us, we aren't going to be at that appointment, that bill is not going to be paid, those library books will be late. so lists. lists everywhere - lists that wander. wander so far, i never find them again...

enter A Mommy App. a sweet little app that knows i will always have my phone in my back pocket and promises to hold all my lists in one place. along with a bunch of other great features for us mamas. 

i created a page for each of my kids and can record all of their appointments, likes, dislikes, etc. and it's adorably fun - you basically get to design your child as an emoji. emerson looks like a pirate standing next to a dinosaur. adorable. 

and check THIS out. record your little ones milestones! yes. i have yet to start Scarlett's baby book - she is 10 months old. poor third baby. but when i do (and i will baby girl) - i'll have all dates recorded.

i love all the extras this app features - 5 minutes for mommy(little games for kiddos), a guided stress relief meditation, a KILLER pregnancy tracker, and a fun quiz for those times when you just need to zone out on something other than the oreo crumbs smeared all over the couch. 

it's really a wonderful app, created by a wonderful mama, who knows a mama's world. yes, i'll still forget stuff, but this helps and help is always a good thing. can i get an amen? 

you can go visit A Mommy App for more details and how to download for iphone and android. they can also be found on instagram, facebook, and twitter

*this post was sponsored by A Mommy App. all opinions, reviews, and photos are my own.*


statement art 

sometimes, a wall needs lots of love and it deserves a well cultivated gallery.
but then there is that wall. the one that screams for one large, unique piece of art. 

but how do you pick the perfect piece?
look for the pieces that are you. 
do you love texture? - hang that beautiful serape on the wall! 
are you a lover of simple black and white?
most office supply stores can print you a large black and white engineer print for very little cost. 
are you a DIYer? re-purpose a large thrifted canvas into your own artwork. here is a great example on style me pretty.

these beautiful spaces below all feature a statement piece that is unique and perfect for it's space. 

have a wonderful friday loves.